You don't have to take your clothes off to
have a good time or to be on this blog.
Just record your beautiful, sexy self doing
your hula hoop flow thing, any style you
like. Men and Woman are encouraged to
post daily. Sooner or later you simply must go bottomless. :)

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sacred circle. <3

Love this <3

Thank you c:

This expressive photograph is such a great work of art I wish it included the name of the photographer for purposes of giving proper credit. I echo the comment sacred circle and note how it harkens back to the halo as a drawing of godliness. She rests on a stone absorbing the flow of the rushing creek which seems to light up her hoop. The posture of her seated pose suggests a ferry of the woods to the point that my mind fills in the very weightless wings folded back as she alighted on her seat. Bravo!

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You should do naked hooping and post it!

Asked by Anonymous


I really should!

It seems the idea is gaining some traction.  If you have not yet please try it first, then you will know if you should promote it or not.  If you do it everyone else will too. I think?


 I think we should make nakey hooping a thing d—ivinyls ;)…. In all seriousness though… I really do love hoop dancing naked (or almost naked). I love feeling the hoop go around me and I love the freedom I feel when I move with my hoop. It is like some form of therapy….

This girl really has the spirit and for the right reasons.  I should have named it topless hooping, bottomless being more racy and more private self-revealing.

 I prefer the double meaning, that being endless, infinite, and without limits, like a bottomless cup of coffee for example. Here it is “limitlessness” I refer to, the feeling described by most as “the flow” of secrets of the universe slowly but continuously becoming known. One girl interviewed told she could hoop through a warm day and a cool night for nearly 24 hours before ever realizing that she may better get herself some sleep.  "~Every revolution" she said was "a revelation ever so slightly, shedding more light then the last~”.  

  As far as the nudity goes it is beautiful.  I do find it erotic to watch a nude female, hips swaying, rhythmically dancing, and displaying impressive skills and coordination.  This erotized image however is not the motive in encouraging and promoting nude and semi nude hoop dancing on this blog.  I promote for the simple reason that I recognize the activity as one, which will propel the human race forward in terms of evolution and move humanity itself further towards enlightenment.

  I have stated and make the claim that “I am a powerful force for conscious evolution.” This is my purpose, my destiny, my reason for living.  Since discovering hooping all of my conscious evolution, efforts have been so directed.  If on the final day of judgment, it turns out I am just a dirty old man who gets his jollies watching young pretty girls dance with a hoop, God will tell me, and we will have a big laugh over it. In the mean time, please submit your still photos and GIFs of your self-hooping.  Nudity is encouraged but not required.  Thank you for reading my ramblings.



Attention earthlingssssss: if.your wondering why a grown ass woman plays with a plastic circle all day. If you think it’s ridiculous, stupid…. Or if your intrigued, interested or curious go to RIGHT NOW and click on “why hoop” justtttt do it. Soon our generation will rule the nation. This restless youth is bringing a revolution. Let’s make it a positive one. Get up and find your passion. Discover yourself. Free yourself. Enlighten yourself. <3

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