You don't have to take your clothes off to
have a good time or to be on this blog.
Just record your beautiful, sexy self doing
your hula hoop flow thing, any style you
like. Men and Woman are encouraged to
post daily. Sooner or later you simply must go bottomless. :)

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Your flow isn’t a thing,
it’s a growth,
a blossoming,
a blooming of yourself,
and oneness with your circle.
Your hoop stops becoming an object and instead is thought of as a force of energy.
This force of energy can be
twisted, turned,
flipped, spun, and
rolled, in any direction
you choose;
the possibilities are nearly infinite.
Realizing that — wether you do 50 or 5 different tricks in your session —
it’s different every single time,
because you let it happen
instead of forcing it:
There’s no room for frustration or sadness,
because there cannot be mistakes,
only feeling.
And FEELING is driven by
passion and emotion.
it cannot be faked,
it cannot be practiced,
it cannot be forced.
You literally lose your mind, there are no thoughts, you just EXIST!
This plastic circle spinning around you, and you just EXIST!
There is sound, and light, and YOU, and in that moment

—    erbodyloveslucy (via ravedm)

An excellent definition. Read it and then give me yours. This is one of this things where a multitude of perspectives is of great value, even if in the end they all say the same thing . Do yours do I can post it to show hooping is like a bottomless vortex endless in all.