You don't have to take your clothes off to
have a good time or to be on this blog.
Just record your beautiful, sexy self doing
your hula hoop flow thing, any style you
like. Men and Woman are encouraged to
post daily. Sooner or later you simply must go bottomless. :)

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Sometimes you need to be pushed out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it comes from someone you never expected. I don’t get along all too well with my boyfriend’s sister and she tagged me on Instagram to #stopdropandspin and I have only ever posted one video and my boyfriend took it on vacation. I am my own worst critic and I always pick apart my videos before I get the chance to post it. Since she tagged me I knew I had to. So I filmed a couple different times. I watched it and I felt proud for once. I was so nervous to post it but I did and this was the cover photo it started with and it explains so well why I hoop on the first place. Cause it’s fun, therapeutic, and all about the flow. It’s not about the perfection of tricks or looking the best. It’s about loving your body and loving yourself. The hoop helps me find myself more and more. It helps relax my stressed life and remember to be easy on myself.

(Also the first picture I like with my short hair, a HUGE thing for me since I have avoided selfies, pictures, and mirrors as much as possible since I got it cut)

Alright rant over 💚